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Methane - 'Southern Metal' EP Empty Methane - 'Southern Metal' EP

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02/11/14 Methane Press Release

Swedish Metal band Methane have released a 3 song EP single January 31st, 2014 entitled 'Southern Metal'.
The tracks include 1.Scars and Bars 2. Pray for Death 3.Hang Me High
The material is available for Downloading and Streaming on the websites below.The Ep is being received well
with over 1000 new fans on Facebook in only a couple of weeks. The EP was recorded by and Co-produced with Patrik Forsberg " Pat Kramer" of Sweden's The Billion Dollar Babies in his studio in Falun, Sweden fall of 2013.

The band featuring Tim Scott former bassist of Revenant and Hateplow, are combining heavy groove mixed with a southern rock / country influence. Methane will be entering the studio again in the spring and are planing shows in Europe for the Summer and Fall of 2014.


Youtube videos:
Scars and Bars

Pray For Death

Hang Me High


Methane is a four piece Southern Metal band from Sweden. Formed by Tim Scott former bassist of (Revenant - Nuclear Blast and Hateplow - Arctic/Pavement feat. Members of Cannibal Corpse) and Jimi Masterbo former ( Hell Patrol guitarist ) along with Tim's brother ,Dylan Campbell ,and Andreas Strom on drums.

Methane formed in the fall of 2012 when Dylan moved to Sweden. Tim contacted Jimi with the idea of moving away from death metal towards a more progressive style of metal music. The three members started sharing ideas and influences, writing metal songs with country overtones on a heavy Pantera-esque groove. Andreas was brought in to help the writing and quickly became a permanent cog in the Methane machine.

Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals
Jimi Masterbo- Lead Guitar
Dylan Campbell- Rhythm Guitar
Andreas Strom - Drums

Tim Scott for booking, press and management  at :

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