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1000-tals Hårdrock CDs till salu!

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1000-tals Hårdrock CDs till salu! Empty 1000-tals Hårdrock CDs till salu!

Inlägg av cdsweden tor 3 sep - 16:54:32


    *PAYMENT: PAYPAL (or in Sweden: Bankkonto)

    *FRAKT/: - Enligt Postens porto lista - skickar med eller utan cd-askar (helt upp till kunden). Leveranstid - ditt paket skickas inom 48 timmar efter vi har mottagit din betalning. Notera att det bara är postgång på vardagar, ej lördag, söndag, eller annan helgdag.

    *PAYMENT: PAYPAL (or in Sweden: Bankkonto)

    *ORDER: Send your order to CDLPDVD@TELIA.COM and feel free to email me with any questions, package deals, etc. skicka email till nedan address med din beställning ( så återkommer jag med svar (det går bra att skicka frågor om cd skivor m.m.)
    [Any questions about any CD, package deals, etc.
    EMAIL me at:  CDLPDVD@TELIA.COM   (or if needed via @ urban)
    All below CDs priced at $7.99.  Except where noted: Individually priced items.

    PAYMENT: PAYPAL  (Sweden: eller Bankkonto)]
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    [ CD A-Z ]

    $7.99 [CDs priced] $7.99

    [A]  $7.99

    38 Special - Bone Against Steel [1990/Charisma/]
    Aaron.Lee - Bodyrock [1989/Attic]
    A Perfect Day - S/T [Frontiers/2013]
    Aces High - Forgive and Forget [GMRMusic]
    AC/DC - For Those About/Blow Up Your [Russian release]
    Action - Action [Frontiers Records/Melodic hardrock]
    Adiastasia - Life War [Helloween/Gamma Ray/2010/digi]
    Adrenaline Rush - S/T [Frontiers/AOR/Eclipse/Sweden]
    Aftermath - Natural Destruction [Escape Music]
    Adiastasia - Life War [CCM/digi]
    Affair - No Substitute [MTM/AOR]
    Age Of Faith - Heart Of The Young [1992/Benson/AOR]
    Alien - Dark Eyes [AOR/Sweden/Jim Jidhed]
    All Ends - All Ends [Columbia/SwedenFemale fronted]
    Allison - One [Heart/Robin Beck/MFN]
    Alfonzetti - Machine [ex.Bam Bam Boys/Jagged Edge]
    American Dog - Red White Black And Blue [Outlaw/Southern]
    Amun Re - Magic Kingdom [RTR Records/Female fronted]
    Andrew WK - I Get Wet [Island]
    Angelica - Time Is All It Takes [Intense/1992]
    Anarion - Unbroken [Majestic Records/UK]
    Andersen.Andre - Black On Black [Royal Hunt/Frontiers]
    Andersson.Stefan - Emperor's Day [1992/Sweden/BryanAdams]
    Andersson.Stefan - Walk Right On [1993/RecordStation/Sweden/AOR]
    Ann Louise - Wonder Wheel [Mega/Denmark/96]
    Apes Pigs & Spacemen - Transfusion [Music for nations]
    Apsotasy - Cell 666 [Black Mark Records/Sweden]
    April Divine - Redemption [Supernova/Sweden]
    Arbogast - Certainties and Doubts [Indie/Sweden/hardrock]
    Arcara - A Matter Of Time [ex-Prophet/Escape]
    Arena Sweden - S/T [ex.Bad Habit/Sweden]
    Aria - Mahnr Bennhnr [1985/Moroz Rec/Russia/Rare]
    Arilyn - Tomorrow Never Comes [Quixote/Pang]
    Arise - Kings of The Cloned Generation [Spinefarm rec]
    Artlantica - Across The Seven Seas [Steamhammer/John West]
    Asia - Aura [Classic band/2001]
    Asia - Resonance [2CD/Live/Frontiers/2013]
    Atkins.Al - Demon Deceiver [original Judas Priest vocalist]
    Atlanta Rhythm Section - Truth In A Structured Form [1989/AOR/]
    At Vance - The Evil In You [Treat/Swedish Erotica/Mats Leven]
    Axminster - Axminster [GBMusic/Hirsh Gardner/MHR]
    Ace's High - S/T [Megarock/1994/Sweden/ten N Out]  $19
    Amaze Me - Wonderland [Treat/Bad Habit/Sweden/AOR]  $11
    Aris - Rain Dries [TSL Records/Hi-Tech AOR/Rare] $19
    Armored Saint - Delirious Nomad [1985/Chrysalis/original]  $19
    Armored Saint - Saints Will Conquer [MetalBlade/1988/1st press] $10
    Axxis - Kingdom Of The Night [Electrola/1990/]  $15


    Babylon A.D. - Nothing Sacred [1991/Arista]
    Backyard Babies - People Like People Like People Like Us
    Bailey - Long Way Down  [Frontiers/UK/AOR/FM/]
    Baltimoore - Freak [1990/Sweden/VIP/MHR]
    Bang Tango - Dancin On Coals [1991/MCA]
    Banks.Tony - Seeven [Genesis/]
    Barnes.Jimmy - Psyclone [Mushroom Records/Westcoast]
    Barren Cross - Rattle your cage [CCM/Hardrock]
    Batten.Jennifer - Above Below and Beyond [1992/Voss Records]
    Beggars & Thieves - Look What You Create [U.S. AOR/MHR]
    Belokan - Birth Of a Queen [Brennus/female fronted]
    Big Bertha - Live in Hamburg 1970 2-CD [Majestic/Cozy Powell]
    Big F,The - S/T [1989/Elektra]
    Biss - Face Off [Krokus/Marc Storace]
    Bitch - A Rose By Any Other Name [1989/Metal Blade]
    Bite The Bullet - S/T [1989/Jet Records]
    Black Candy Store - Back To The Wall
    Black Ingvars - Earcandy Five [1995/ex.Swedish Erotica]
    Black Ingvars - Earcandy Six [ex.Swedish Erotica vocalist]
    Black Label Society - Kings of Damnation 2CD [sealed]
    Black Pyramid - S/T [Meteorcity]
    Black Rose - Rise Again [Indie/SWEden/Melodic hardrock]
    Black Symphony - Tears of Blood 2CD [Rising sun records]
    Blades.Jack - S/T [Night Ranger/Damn Yankees]
    Bleed 77 - Cultura [Albert Productiosn]
    Bludgeon - World Controlled [still sealed]
    Boarders - The World Hate Me [Thrash]
    Bonafide - Ultimate Rebel [Sweden/Sleaze]
    Bondage.Beki - Cold Turkey [Disoriente rec/female rocker]
    Bonfire - Fuel To The Flames [Melodic hardrock]
    Bonham - The Disregard of Timekeeping [1989/CBS/UK/AOR]
    Boil - aXiom [2013/Denmark/Melodic prog]
    Bombay Black - Anger Management [Kivel Records/USA]
    Bombay Black - Love You To Death [Triagle/melodic hardrock/USA]
    Bourgeois.Brett - A Matter of Feel  [1991/Charisma/
    Bowes & Morley - Moving Swiftly Along [Thunder!]
    Boz Scaggs - Slow Dancer [1974/USA/original/]
    Boz Scaggs - S/T [1978/Atlantic/USA/original/Allman Bros/Westcoast]
    Bradshaw.J.D. - Caught In The Act [1997/Guitarhero/Indie/Rareish]
    Brazen Abbot - Guilty As Sin
    Brazen Abott - Eye Of The Storm [Joe Lynn Turner/Edman/Vikstrom]
    Brazen Abott - Live and Learn [Glenn Hughes/Goran Edman/Thomas Vikstrom]
    Bride - This Is It [CCM/Christian hardrock]
    Bride - Skin For Skin [CCM/Retroactive]
    Brock.Robin - Blame It On Rock & Roll [A2 Records]
    Brunorock - Interaction [RachelBolan/Skid Row/Dokken]
    Bullet Boys - Freakshow [1991/digiscope pack/s/s/]
    Bullet Lavolta - The Gift [1989/BMG/Taang]
    Bush.Stan - Language Of The Heart [AOR hero/Frontiers]    
    Barrett.Drew - The Strolling Minstrel [Indie/ex.Barakade vocalist/RARE]
    Blind Faith - Sign Of The Times [Kelly Simonz]
    Bruce.Jack - More Jack Than God [classic rocker]
    Bruce.Michael - In My Own Way [NMC/2CD/Alice Cooper/2 albums from 1974]
    Byrd - Anthem [ex.Fifth Angel/Lionmusic]
    Babylon - Babylon [1978/Genesis/King Crimson/Cult/prog/rare]  $19
    Battleaxe - Burn This Town [1983/Roadrunner/West Germany/original]  $19
    Billionaires Boys Club - Something Wicked Comes [1992/Mark Boals/Accept/Malmsteen]  $16
    Bitches Sin - The First Temptation [1980/81/NWOBHM/MajesticRock]  $15
    Blind Fury - Out Of Reach [1985/NWOBHM/Majestic]  $12
    Blue Tears - S/T [1990/Superb AOR/DefLep/GreggFulkerson]  $15
    BLVD - Boulevard [1988/Canada/AOR/original]  $25
    Byron Band,The - Lost And Found 2CD [Uriah Heep/+Robin George]  $15
    Bystander - Not So Innocent [1987/LongIsland/AOR]  $19


    Cain.Jonathan - Back To the Innocence [Journey/Empire/1994/Sweden]
    Calvin.Misha - Riffman [guitarhero]
    Camel - The Snow Goose [1975/Classic]
    Candlemass - Live [1990Metal blade]
    Captive Heart - Home Of The Brave [1996/MTM/AOR]
    Cash.Andrew - Time and Place [1988/Island/Canada]
    Chalice - Chameleonation [Bonfire/Jaded Heart]
    Challenge - Spirit [ALV/Splash Music/female fronted]
    Champlin.Tamara - You Won't Get To Heaven Alive [1994/Turnip/Bill Champlin]
    Chasing Karma - Cosmocracy [ex-Biloxi/AOR]
    Chastain - Sick Society [1995/Massacre]
    Chickenfoot - LV [Sammy Hagar/Satriani/Edel]
    Children Of Bodom - Trashed Lost & Strung Out [Spinefarm/EP+videos]
    Chinawhite - A Dragon's Birth [Rare/1997/]
    Choirboys - Big Bad Noise [1989/CBS]
    Chrome Molly - Gunpowder Diplomacy [80s act/Edel/comeback album]
    Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall [2013/Savatage/Melodic/Edel]
    Circle Of Soul - S/T [1991/Hollywood Rec]
    Circle Of Soul - One Man's Poison [Hollywood Records/1992]
    Circus - Let The Madness begin [Sleaze/Sweden]
    CITA - Act 1 Relapse of Reason [MilestoneMusic/Great]
    City Of Faith - Leon's getting Larger [1995/Stars on the rise]
    Clarke.Gilby - Rubber [ex.Guns N Roses/Spitfire]
    Clockwise - Nostalgia [Empire/Sweden/Glory/Europe/Fortune]
    Cornerstone - Somewhere In America [Atom Records/2011]
    Crimsonfire - S/T [majestic/uk]
    CutThroat - Slave [Indie/US/Produced by Jonas Hansson Silver Mountain]
    Cole.Jude - A View From 3rd Street [1990/TimPierce/JeffPorcaro/Toto]
    Commando - VI/Time Beats [1987/88/Sonet/Sweden]
    Cosmic Junk - S/T [1993/RoastingHouse/Sweden]
    Crawley - Addiction [1992/Soundfront/Sweden]
    Crowbar - Equilibrium [Spitfire Records]
    Crown Of Thorns - Faith [Jean Beauvoir/AOR]
    Catley.Bob - Legends [Magnum vocalist/Ten]  $12
    Catley.Bob - The Tower [Magnum/Ten/UK/AOR]  $14
    Channel - S/T [1984/AOR/RobertFleischman/Journey/VV]  $15
    Charizma - The Ultimate Call [1992/UnitedRock/Sweden/AOR]  $18
    City Boy - S/T [1976/Bear Tracks/West Germany release]  $19
    Conditioned Response - Pavlov's Dog [Rare 1st indie]   $14
    Conditioned Response -In Flagrante Delecto [Indie/Tyketto/queensryche]   $14
    Cry Wolf - Crunch [Grand Slamm/1990/Rare]  $12


    Dale - Riot In English [1988/Warner Bros/original]
    Dame Fortune - The Secret Art [US/melodic hardrock]
    Dare - Calm Before The Storm [ex.Thin Lizzy]
    Dark Angel - Darkness Descends [classic speed/thrash]
    Dark At Dawn - Of Decay and Desire [AFM Records]
    Darrid.Brad - S/T [1997/Escape Music]
    Dead End Kidz - Dead End Kidz [U.S./Indie/Hardrock]
    Daemonicus - Host Of Rotting Flesh [Vicisolum/Sweden]
    Death Power - The Bogeyman [1991/Virulence/France]
    Deceased - Zombie Hymns [speed/thrash
    Deeds - Blown [Ulftone/Swedish]
    Deep Purple - Now What? [Gold Edition/2CD/earmusic]
    Defyance - Transitioal Forms [Nightmare Records]
    Denny.Kerry's - Self Indulgence Inc [Rare/Indie/Classic 70's rock]
    Del Amitri - Waking Hours [1989/A&R/West Germany]
    Desert Rain - Bang Bang [1991/Sweden/Scandi AOR]
    Destruction - Crcked Brain [Steamhammer/1990/original]
    Denaro - S/T [JRS Records/1991/]
    Deris.Andi & The Bad Bankers - Million Dollar Haircuts [PC69/Helloween]
    Destination's Calling - Invisble Walls [Silverwolf]
    Dellamorte - Uglier and More Disgusting [sealed]
    Diablo - Icaros [Finnish metal]
    Dimino - Old Habits Die Hard [2015/Angel/AOR]
    Dirty White Boy - Bad Reputation [Giuffria/Autograph]
    Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Rotator [1996/Denmark/melodic hardrock]
    Diesel - Hep fidelity [1992/Australia/Jimmy Barnes]
    Dive - S/T [Sweden/RCA/1993]
    Divine Static - S/T [1996/USA/AOR/Melodic/RARe]
    Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Rotator [1996/EMI/medley]
    Dogface - Unleashed [MTM/Mats Leven/Treat/Swedish Erotica]
    Dogs D'Amour - The State We're In [their long lost debut]
    Don Patrol - A Wire A Deal And The Devil [1992/AOR/SWeden]
    Dokken - Broken Bones [2012/Frontiers]
    Doro - Fight [Steamhammer/Warlock]
    Dr Martini - In Your Head [1998/Melodicrock/Indie]
    Dreamquest Luca Turelli's - Lost Horizons [Rhapsody/Promo]
    Dregen - S/T [Backyard Babies/Universal]
    Driven - Self Inflicted [MTM]
    Drivin'N'Cryin - Smoke [1993/Island]
    Double Eclipse - Freedom To Function [UK/MHR/2002]
    Drury.Timothy - Timothy Drury [westcoast Rec./Whitesnake]
    Dury.Ian and The Blockheads - Laughter [70s rocker]
    Danger Danger - Naughty Naughty [Promo/1989/single/s/s/]  $11
    Danger Danger - Four The Hard Way [Jersey/AOR] $12
    DeYoung.Dennis - Desert Moon [1984/A&M/STYX] $14
    Dive She Said - Excellerator [Music for Nations/Touch/AOR]  $19
    D'Molls - Warped [1990/Atlantic]  $12


    Eagles Of Death Metal - Death By Sexy [Song/BMG]
    Echo Park - Pretty Lies [1995/Zeno/Michael Flexig/Victory/Eloy]
    Edenbridge - The Bonding [Steamhammer]
    Elements of Friction - S/T [MSG/Bad English/MTM]
    Elements of Frictions - Fragile [Trixter/21Guns/MarcelloVestry etc]
    Elmgren's Stefan Full Strike - We Will Rise [Hammerfall]
    Elixir - The Idol [NWOBHM]
    Ellis - Three [Stacey Ellis R.I.P.]
    ELO - Part Two [1991/Telstar]
    Embassy Of Silence - Euphorialight [Female fronted/Finland]
    Emberstone - Memories Of Time [MHR/Indie/Sweden]
    Emmett.Rik - Absolutely [1990/Charisma/Triumph/AOR]
    Enzign - Cast The First Stone [ZRecords/Ten guitarist/AOR]
    Essence Of Sorrow - Reflections Of The Obscure [Rivel Records
    Eternal Flame - King Of The King [MHR from Germany]
    Enevoldsen.Torben - Heavy Persuasion [Lionmusic/gtr]
    Essence Of Sorrow - Reflections Of The Obscure [Rivel Records]
    Eternal Flame - King Of The King [MTM/MHR from Germany]
    Eterna - The Gate [Scarlet rec.]
    Everly.Don - Brother Jukebox [1977/Sundown/UK/1st original]
    Everwood - Without Saving [2012/melodic]
    Every Mother's Nightmare - Smokin' Delta Voodoo [Sleaze!]
    Evidence - Truth From A Lie [Portugal/rare-ish]
    Evil Masquerade - Welcome To The Show [Frontiers]
    Evil Masquerade - Third Act [Escape/sweden]
    Exciter - Violence & Force [1989/Megaforce/classic]
    Exodus - Pleasures of The Flesh [1987/USA/Thrash]
    Eyewitness - S/T [1995/Now&Then/AOR]
    EZ Riders - Long Way From Home [Indie]
    Eh! Geoff Mann Band – Ministry Of The Interior [MFN/1991/Rare] $17
    Eyes - Full Moon [Empire/Soto/Talisman/Malmsteen/Journey]  $15
    EZ Livin - After The Fire [Bonfire/IRS/1st press]  $14
    EZO - S/T [1987/Japan/Rare]   $39
    EZO - Fire Fire [1989/Geffen/Japan] $25


    Fair Warning - Sundancer [melodic hardrock/SPV]
    Faith And Fire - Accelerator [ex Riot/Blue Oyster Cult/Rainbow]
    Faith Circus - Turn Up the Band [Melodicrock records]
    Fast Eddie Clarke - Anthology 2-CD [Motorhead/Waysted]
    Fatal Smile - Beyond Reality [GMR Music Group/Sweden]
    Fearful Symmetry - This Sad Veil Of Tears [CCM/Retroactive Records]
    Ferreira - Fallen Heroes [Shire Records/MHR]
    Ferrari.Marc - Lights, Camera, Action [ex-KEEL]
    Fifth Reason - Within Or Without [Scarlet Records]
    Finger Eleven - S/T [Windup/Sony]
    Fire Alley - Scorcher [Indie/U.S. melodic hardrock]
    Flames - Last Prophecy/Summon The Dead [2on1/1988/89/metal]
    Flaming Sideburns - Sky Pilots [Spinefarm/Finland]
    Flesh + Blood - Dead White & Blue [1989/Atlantic]
    Fluid Soil/Mitch Malloy - S/T [Atenzia]
    Foolish Pleasure - Look Up [1994/RIP Records/Indie]
    Foreigner - Can't Slow Down...when it's live! 2CD
    Fortune - Lord Of Flies [Empire/Sweden/1995]
    Freedom Call - Live Invasion [2CD]
    Freedom Hawk - Freedom Hawk
    Freistedt.Peter - LA Project II [Toto/Chicago/m.m.]
    From The Ashes - Awakened
    Frozen Ghost - Shake Your Spirit [1991/Sheriff/AOR]
    Furious Trauma - Roll The Dice [1998/France]
    Furioso - S/T [MFN/France/1991/Impellitteri]
    Further Lo - S/T [Powerplay Records/USA]
    Firefly - Automatic [MTM/2003]
    Fear Not - S/T [1993/Pakaderm Records]  $12
    Fortune - Making Gold  [1992/Dino Records/Sweden] $17
    Fraze Gang - S/T [ex-Brighton Rock/Autographed]  $12
    Fraze Gang - 2 [Brighton Rock/Canada/AOR] $9


    Gaeleri - A Brighter Day [Kick Music/Denmark/AOR]
    Galactic Cowboys - Let It Go [Metal Blade/sealed]
    Gardner.Hirsh - Wasteland for Broken Hearts [New England/80's pomp/MTM]
    Genius - 2: In Search Of The little Prince [Hardline/MrBig/Yngwie]
    Ghost - The Other side [Now&Then/1995/AOR]
    Gillan - What I Did On My Vacation [1980/Deep Purple]
    Gillan.Ian - The Tapes Volume 3 2CD [Ltd.ed#2654/sealed]
    Glass.Philip - The Photographer [1983/CBS/original release]
    Godless Shiva - S/T [Mat Sinner/Primal Fear/Sinner]
    Gotthard - Gotthard [1992/BMG/Ariola]
    Greatful Dead - Wake of the Flood [1973/Universe]
    Green Jelly - 333 [1994/]
    Grifter - Grifter [2011/Ripple Music]
    Guild Of Ages - Citadel [C.I.T.A.]
    Guild of Ages - One [2CD/melodic metal/hardrock]
    Great White - Once Bitten [1987/Capitol]
    Great White - Twice Shy [1989/Capitol]  
    Gronvall.Erik - Erik Gronvall [HEAT/AOR/Sweden]
    GSO - How To Get A Head In Life [GMR/Sweden]
    Girl - Sheer Greed [1980/DefLep/LA Guns]  $19
    Girl - Wasted Youth [1982/Def leppard/LA Guns]  $18
    Glory - Danger In This Game [1989/BOzz/Sweden]  $35
    Glory - Crisis vs. Crisis [1994/Yngwie/]  $15
    GO - Voices Of Our Fantasy [1989/Sonet/Sweden/RARE]  $39
    Goudreau.Barry - S/T [1980/Boston/vocalist]  $10


    Hair Of The Dog - Rise [Spitfire]
    Halford - Crucible [Sanctuary/Judas Priest]
    Hanna - Lovers [Sony/Finland/Rock/Goth chick]
    Happylife - Sweet Resort [Atenzia]
    Hard Rain - When The Good Times Come [Magnum/Bob Catley/Tony Clark]
    Hard Spirit - Walk The Wild [Indie/Spain]
    Harem Scarem - Live and Acoustic [1993/Warner/Japan]
    Harris.Michael - Words Collide [Lionmusic]
    Hart.Corey - S/T [Columbia]
    Hart.Robert - S/T [1992/AOR/ex.Bad Company]
    Hatton.Susie - Body and Soul [1991/Poison/BretMichaels]
    Haywire - Nuthouse [Canada/1990/Brighton Rock/Loverboy]
    H.E.A.T. - Keep On Dreaming [3-Track EP single]
    Heartland - Move On [U.K./AOR/FM/GUN/Chris Ousey]
    Heaven & Earth - Windows To The World [Kelly Keeling/Baton Rouge]
    Heaven's Fire - The Outside [Now&Then/Frontiers]
    Heavy Bones - S/T [1992/Reprise/Richie Zito]
    Helstar - Remnants of War [1986/Metal!!!]
    Helloween - Keeper of the 7 Keys/The Legacy [2CD/Promo]
    Hellyeah - S/T [Epic/ex.Pantera]
    Hess - Just Another Day [Frontiers/Harem Scarem]
    Higher Ground - A Thousand Pieces [AORHeaven]
    HIM - Venus Doom [Sire Records/Finland]
    His Witness - Kingdom Come [Retroactive Rec/CCM]
    Horakane - Eternal Infinity [Frontiers/AOR]
    House Of Mirrors - Nightflight To Paradise [AOR/Finland]
    House Of Shakira - Pay To Play [Melodicrock Rec]
    Howard.Doug - Last Man Standing [ex-Touch/Stun Leer]
    Howe.Brian - Touch [BadCompany/Foreigner]
    Holograms - Thank You Whatever Comes [ex-Michael Stanley/AOR]
    Hooks.Jay - Red Line [Provogue Records]
    Hughes.Gary - Veritas [TEN/Vocalist/AOR]
    Hurricane - Liquifury [KellyHansen/Foreigner]
    Harem Scarem - Voice of Reason [WEA/Japan/OBI/1994]  $15
    Harlow - S/T  [Reprise/1990/BlackNBlue/Kiss/]  $19


    Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden [Tim Owens/Priest]
    Impellitteri - Eye Of The Hurricane/Victim Of System 2CD
    Impellitteri - Screaming Symphony [Victor/Japan]
    Index - Now You're Gone [1991/Blast Records]
    Ingo & Floyd - Highways In Stereo [1992/RCA/Sweden]
    Innuendo - Half Empty [Indie/AOR/Nelson/]
    Into The Light - S/T [Kelly Hansen/Tim Donahue/AOR]
    IQ - Dark Matter [GEP/Prog/UK/classic]
    Iron Claw - A Different Game [2011/Scotland/70s]
    Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus/Trooper [EMI/1990/ListenWithNicko]
    Iron Mask - Revenge Is My Name [Lionmusic]
    It's Alive - Earthquake Visions [Cherion/Max Martin's band]


    Jade. Pete Sandberg's - Origin [ex-Alien vocalist/AOR]
    Jaded Heart - IV [MTM/Bonfire/Bormann] ]
    Jailhouse - S/T [DeRock Records]
    Jagged Edge - Fuel For Your Soul [1990/UK/MattiAlfonzetti]
    Janz.Paul - Trust [1992/Attic/Loverboy/AOR]
    Jekyll & Hyde - Heveanley Creatures [The Poodles/Jakob Samuel]
    Jesse Strange - S/T [Epic/1992]
    Jester - It's Time [1994/Megarock Records]
    Jet Circus - Step On It [1990/Word/Leviticus/Sweden]
    Jethro Tull - Living With The Past [2-CD]
    Jidhed.Jim - Full Circle [ex-Alien/AOR]
    Jettison Eddy - Trippin On Time [Nuerra/produced by Keith Olsen]
    Josette - S/T [femalefronted/AOR/UK]
    Judas Priest - 98 Live Meltdown [2CD]
    Joey C Jones & The Glory Hounds [Tony Nicole Tony Rec/1992/rare]  $29
    Johansson Brothers - S/T [1993/Yngwie/Stratovarius/Hammerfall/]   $19
    Journey - The Ballade [1991/Sony/Japan only release] $29
    Journey - Trail By Fire [JAPan cd OBI]  $19


    Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night [2CD/Promo]
    Keagy.Kelly - I'm Alive [Frontiers/Night Ranger/AOR]
    Kharma - Wonderland [Goran Edman/Madison/John Norum/Glory/Yngwie]
    Kick - Consider This [1999/Beast/U.K./FM/GUN/AOR]
    Kick - New Horizon [Majestic Records/GUN]
    Kick The Kangaroo - Bits & Pieces [Atenzia]
    Killer Khan - Kill Devil Hills [Indie/Ozzy/Rare]
    Kill For Thrills - Dynamie from Nightmareland [1989/MCA]
    Kingdom Come - Bad Image [1992/WEA/]
    Kingdom Come - Magnified [Lenny Wolf/Stone Fury]
    Kingdom Come - Outlier [2013/Steamhammer]
    Kingdragon - Fire in The Sky [Indie/Rareish]
    King Of Trolls - The Cave [2013/Kee Marcello/Europe]
    Kik Tracee - No Rules [1991/RCA/kikazz sleeze]
    Kix - Show Business [Music For Nations/1994]
    Kix - Live in Baltimore [CD and DVD/Frontiers]
    Korea - The Delirium Suite [2010/sweden]
    KTD - Territory [ex.Axminster/]
    Krackerjack - Rock On [kikkazz rock n roll]
    Killer Dwarfs - Killer Dwarfs [1983/Attic/]  $15
    Kingshorse - S/T [1990/Caroline/]  $14
    KISS - Alive (1975) Australia Box Set [1994/Aus./2CD/bonus EP]  $39
    KISS - Dynasty/Asylum [2on1/Rare/CDMaximum]  $15
    KISS - Unplugged In Australia [Rare] $39
    KISS - Unholy [JAPan single/sealed/Rare]  $19
    Kolsrud.Dag - December [1990/West Coast/Evenrude/RCA] $14

    $7.99 [all CDs priced] $7.99 (except where noted)

    L.A. Guns - Vicious Circle [1991/Polydor]
    L.A. Guns - Shrinking Violet [1999/Perris Records]
    Lance - While The Giant Sleeps [Empire Rec/Sweden/1996]
    Landhaus - Darker City Lights [melodic/prog]
    Last Rites - Guided By Light [Fields Of Nephilim]
    Last Warning - Elegance of Bloodiness [7Hard]
    Late Arrival - Kick Things Over [Dunham Rec/U.S. MHR/RARE!!]
    Leeches oF Lore - S/T [Meteorcity]
    Legacy - S/T [80s/CCM/Stryper/Eonian Records]
    Leather Boys - Real Leather [2012/Melodic rock/sleaze]
    Lec Zorn Project - It Began In The Underground [All-star AOR]
    LeTekro.Ronni - Extra Strong String [TNT guitarist with vocals]
    Let The Night Roar - S/T [Meterocity]
    Liberty N Justice - Light It Up [Firehouse/DangerDanger etc]
    Liesegang/White - Visual Surveillance of Extremities [
    Life - Cocoon [Robin George/UK]
    Lightspeed - Waves [Pomp/AOR/US/Majestic]
    Lionsheart - Pride In Fact [Music For Nations/1994/Grimmett]
    Lions Share - Perspective [2-CD]
    Little Caesar - Influence [1991/Great!]
    Lizette - Fine By Me [Edelpitch/Sweden]
    Loggins.Kenny - Vox Humana [1985/Columbia]
    Loggins.Kenny - Back To Avalon [1988/Columbia]
    London Calling - You're So Lucky [Jamie Rowe/Guardian]
    Loren Guard - Of Tales To Come [Indie/Rhapsody/Helloween]
    Lotus - Roots [Record Heaven/sealed]
    Loud N Clear - Disc Connected [Cult AOR/MTM]
    Loudness - Engine [Dream catcher]
    Lord.Jon - Concerto for Group and Orchestra [Edel/2012/Promo]
    Lordi - Deadache [Sony/Finland/Monster/Alice Cooper]
    Lost In Twilight - Planteer [Finland/Soundriot]
    Loverboy - Keep It Up [1983/early Japan press]
    Loverboy - VI [MTM/1997/Canada/AOR]
    Luca.Nancy - Nancy Luca [1995/Gatorville Rec/RARE/LitaFord]
    Lynch/Pilson - Wicked Underground [ex-Dokken]
    Liaison - Urgency [1991/Frontlines/AOR] $9
    Leatherwolf - S/T [1984/Grand Slamm/original]  $18
    Legs Diamond - Uncut Diamond [Rare songs/lost 4th album] $10
    Lillian Axe - S/T  [1988/JAPan/OBI/Victor]  $39
    Little Angels - Young Gods [1991/JAPan/OBI/diff.cover/3bonus tracks]  $29

    [M]  $7.99

    Mad Max - Interceptor [German Rockers/80s/SPV]
    Magdallan - Big Bang [1992/Intense/KenTamplin/Lanny Cordola]
    Mad Margritt - New Sensation [Sleaze/Glam/USA]
    Mannhai - The Sons Of Yesterday's Black Grouse
    Mariah's Trench - Beyond Orgasm [Indie/1998]
    Mars Electric - Beautiful Something [Portrait]
    Marshall Law - Power Game [UK Metal/Majestic Rock]
    Masque - Flesh That Understands [1992/Musea Records/Prog]
    Masquerage - Backstabber [57Rec/2013/Finland]
    Masterpiece - Colors Of Conflict [Majestic Rock]
    Masterplan - Masterplan [Helloween/Jorn Lande]
    Mattsson - Power Games [LionMusic/guitar]
    May.Brian - Another World [Queen guitarist]
    McCoy - Brainstorm [Angel Air/ex-Gillan]
    McCoy - Live 1977 [Angel Air Records/UK/Gillan]
    McDonald.Brian Project - Voyage [Excellent Pomp/DefLep]
    Mechanix - Regenerator [Escape/AOR]
    Message - Fine Line [Prophet/Dean Fasano/songs by Aldo Nova]
    Midi Maxi & Efti - S/T [1991/Sunrise/Sweden]
    Million - 2004 EP [Majestic Rock]
    Million - Electric [Blue Stone]
    Million - Detonator [A2 Records]
    Millions - Million Dollar Rock [Z Records]
    Mind's Eye - A Work Of Art [Rising Sun]
    Mind Odyssey - Schizophenia [1994/Rising Sun/Great!]
    Mighty Nimbus - S/T [Threeman/Sweden]
    Millenium - Jericho [2004/Metal Heaven]
    Milou.Layla - Reborn [2012/Female metal/Doro]
    Mississippi Sludge - Biscuits & Slavery [Record Heaven]
    Mister Kite - Box of Fear [melodic hardrock/sweden]
    M.O.B. - White Trash Stomp [Indie/Sweden/MHR]
    Mobile Whorehouse - S/T [1990/Radium/Sweden]
    Monster Magnet - Unbroken [Steamhammer/2004/Promo]
    Molly Hatchet - Beatin' The Odds [Epic/1980/original]
    Molly Hatchet - Justice [Steamhammer]
    Moon Doc - Realm Of Legends [Hermann Frank/Victory/Accept]
    Moor,The - Every Pixie Sells A Story [1993/Sweden/rareish]
    Morgana - Rose of Jericho [Doro/Lee Aaron/female metal]
    Mothership - S/T [2013/Ripple/Sabbath/Mountain/Maiden]
    Motorhead - Grind Ya Down [Castle/Success/1991]
    Motorhead - Live at Birmingham 1977 [Merlin Records]
    Motorhead - The Best and The Rest [Action Replay Records]
    Mott - Over Here And Over There 2CD [1976/ex-Mott The Hoople]
    Mystic Cross - Shadows In The Mind [Indie/U.S. MHR/Rare]
    Moxy - V [Record Heaven/Sweden/70s]
    Munkes.Rolf - No More Obscurity [Razorback]
    Murderer's Row - S/T [Bob Kulick/D.G.Eisley/Balance/Giuffria]
    MacKie.Don - The Mack Attack [1995/Piston/RARE]  $15
    Major NA - S/T [1993/radium/Sweden]  $25
    Malice - License To Kill [1987/WoundedBird]  $15
    Medusa - Clash Of The Titans [Steve Grimmett/Wrathchild/1981]  $14
    Montreal - Montreal [1987/AOR/Sleaze/Retrospect Records]  $10


    Napalm Death - Leaders Not Followers [sealed]
    Naro.Phil - Glass Mountain [ex-Peter Criss]
    Nasty Savage - Wage Of Mayhem [Massacre]
    Newman - Sign Of The Modern Times [FM/UK/AOR/Strangeways]
    Nelson - Because They Can [1995/Geffen]
    Nerved - Off Line [MMs/Sony/Sweden]
    Neverstore - Heroes Wanted [2008/Sony/Sweden/Autographed!]
    New Legend - S/T [1990/BMG]
    Night Cloud - Defeated By The Innocents [Steelheart]
    Night Ranger - Neverland [classic AOR act]
    Night Ranger - 24 Strings & a Drummer [CD and DVD/Frontiers]
    Nightside - The End Of Christianity [Black Metal]
    Nocturnal Rites - In A Time Of Blood and Fire/Tales Of Mystery [2CD]
    Noisy Mama - Everybody Has one [Atco/Atlantic/1991]
    Northern - Mirror Of Madness [Spinefarm/melodic metal]
    Northrup.JK - Best Of [vox: Paul Shortino,Terry Ilous/XYZ/RoughCutt]
    Nouveaux - And This Is How I Feel [Benson/Elefante Bros]
    Nuclear Valdez - Dream Another Dream [1991/Epic/]
    Nugent.Ted - Love Granade [Eagle Records]
    Nasty Idols - Cruel Intention [HSM Records/1991/original]  $19
    Nasty Idols - Heroes For Sale [Lost album recorded 1995/autographed] $11
    Nils - Return From Zombie Beach [1991/RARE/Mercury] $11
    Norden Light - Shadows From The Wilderness [1985/Sweden/Sonet]  $11
    Novella - One Big Sky [Star Song/1991/]  $9
    Norum.Tone - One Of a Kind [1985/AOR/Europe/Joey Tempest]  $29


    Oman & The Howlers - Boggie Man [Ruf records]
    Omen - Teeth of The Hydra [1989/Enigma/original]
    Open Up - Feat Morten Holm [Return/Toto]
    Ordained Fate - S/T [1992/Rare/Speed/Trash]
    Orion Riders - A New Dawn [Neoclassical/Lionmusic]
    Outfield,The - Playing The Field [1992/Sony]
    Outfield,The - Rockeye [1991/MCA]
    Over The Edge - S/T [ex-Starship vocalist]
    Open Skyz - S/T [1993/Hugo/Valentine/Journey/AOR]  $12
    Orr.Benjamin - The Lace [1986/AOR/WoundedBird]  $19


    Paganini - Resurrection [digipack/sealed]
    Pagan's Mind - Heavenly Ecstasy [SPV/2011]
    Pangea - Manchild [Elap Music/Van Halen/Denmark]
    Panga Niban - First Impressions [Rare/US/AOR/Melodic rock]
    Pantera - Projects in The Jungle/I Am The Night [2classic albums]
    Paradise Lost - Draconian Times [MFN/UK]
    Parry.Ian - Shadowman
    Passion - Loaded Gun [Rockduster Rec/1993/Rare]
    Pax - 10.000 Words [Swedish hardrock]
    Pauly.Henning - Credit Where Credit Is Due [Prog Master]
    Pavlov's Dog - Echo & Boo [latest/digipack]
    Pell.Axel Rudi - Live On Fire [2 DVD]
    Penny Black - S/T [ex-Killer Dwarfs/Indie]
    Personal War - Faces [AFM Records]
    Phantom Blue - Built To Perform [1992/geffen/Female band]
    Phoenix Down - Under a Wild Sky [Kane Roberts/Alice Cooper/Now&Then]
    Phreeworld - Crossing The Sound [Indie/rare/Prog/Porcupine Tree]
    Planet X - Planet X [1999/U.S. MHR/Indie]
    Point of Power - It's About Time [Magda/Canada/1994]
    Prayer - Wrong Address [Escape/AOR]
    Pretty Boy Floyd - Porn Stars [Sleaze/Melodic]
    Prey For Sleep - A Bitter Beginning [UK/Great metal]
    Pride - Far From The Edge [AOR Heaven/UK/Strangeways/FM/AOR]
    Promise The - The Promise [Now&Then/1995/UK/AOR]
    Promise The - Human Fire [Frontiers/UK]
    Prowlers,The - Hearts On Fire [Indie/rareish]
    Prowlers,The - When The Wolf Howls [1997/Indie]
    Psychics,The - S/T [ex-Lionsheart/Whitesnake rock]
    Psycho Choke - Unraveling Chaos [digipack]
    Pain And Passion - Don't Think Tomorrow [Escape Music]
    Pariah - To Mock A Killing Bird [JAPAN+OBI/Geffen/1993]  $14


    Quiet Riot - Terrified [1993/MegaRock]
    Quill - The Quill [Megarock/Sweden/1994]
    Quill - Voodoo Caravan [Steamhammer]
    Quireboys - Seven O'Clock [1989/EMI/Japan]


    Racer X - Live at the Whisky [Mr Big/Classic melodic metal]
    Raccoon - Waterfall [1992/Bums Records/Swedish AOR]
    Raging Speedhorn - Live And Demos 2-CD
    Raine - Peace [MTM/AOR/Melodic hardrock]
    Ratcat - Tingles [1990/Rootart Ltd]
    Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess [Under One Flag/1988/original]
    RAW - First [ex-Dalton/Sweden/AOR]
    Rawhead Rexx - Diary In Black [AFM Records]
    Rebellious Spirit - Gamble Shot [Steamhammer/80s melodic hardrock]
    Reckless - S/T [MTM Classix/Swedish melodic hardrock]
    Redemption - S/T [Sensory/USA/great]
    Rembrandts,The - S/T [1991/Debut album]
    Rembrandts,The - Lost Together [Atenzia/AOR/Rock/pop]
    Requinox - Through The Eyes of The Dead [Norway/mhr]
    Resistance,The - Rise From Treason [ex-In Flames/Edel/2013]
    Retrograde - This Frequency We Share [Atenzia/Sweden]
    Ring Of Fire - The Oracle [Mark Boals/Yngwie Malmsteen]
    Rivera Bomma - Invisible Force [Indie/Rod Rivera/Loudness]
    Rivera Bomma - Infinite Journey Of Soul [Retroactive/2013/Loudness/Rob Rock]
    Rock.Rob - Rage Of Creation [ex-Impelliterri vocalist]
    Rock Candy Funk Party - We Want Groove [2013/Joe Bonamassa/CD/DVD]
    Rockhead - S/T [1992/Capitol/Bob Rock]
    Rollins Band - Nice [Steamhammer/promo only]
    Rose Tattoo - Beats From A Single Drum [1986/Mushroom/Australia]
    Rowe.Simon - Pink Stories & Sweet Ladies [1991/Mercury/Sweden]
    Royal Hunt - The Mission [Frontiers]
    Rudess.Jordan - Rhythm Of Time [MagnaCrata/Dream Theatre]
    Running Wild - The First Years Of Pircay [1991]
    Rush Of Ushers - Delightfully [O'Brian/Timothy Drury]
    Ransom - Soul Asylum [1992/Intense]  $9
    Reed.Dan - Adrenaline Sky [PTGMusic/Rare/]  $21
    Riverdogs - S/T [1990/VivCampbell/Dio/RobLamothe] $15


    S.O.D. - Speak English or Die [classic 80s thrash/Anthrax]
    Sabbtail - Otherworlds [Empire/Sweden/Rainbow/DIO]
    Sabu.Paul - Between The light [Danger Danger]
    Sacred Sin - Anguish I harvest [Dream catcher/UK]
    Saga - Remember When [2CD/2006/SPV/Very best of]
    Saigon Kick - S/T [1991/ThirdStone]
    Saigon Kick - Devil In The Details [Great melodic rock]
    Saint - Crime Scene Earth [CCM/Stryper]
    Salvia - Every Six Seconds [island records]
    Samael - Era One [2CD]
    Sanchez - Nightride [Sweden/AOR/Blue Topaz Rec]
    Sandelin/Ekman - Stereo [Style/Sweden]
    Sanity - S/T [Indie/Prog/Holland]
    Saracen - Vox In Excelso [Cult/NWOBHM/Melodic rock]
    Sarea - Alive [metal]
    Satan Jokers - Trop Fou Pour Toi [1984/AxeKiller/Ed.Ltd]
    Sator - Slammer [WEA/Sweden/1988]
    Savannah - Savannah [Z Records/US mhr]
    Scheetz.Jeff Band - Behind The Mask [melodic hardrock/Indie]
    Schizophrenic Circus - S/T [1993/Megarock/Sweden]
    Seasons Of The Wolf - Once in A Blue Moon [Indie/hardrock]
    Sembello.Michael - Bossa Nova Hotel [1983/inc.superhit:Maniac]  
    Section A - The Seventh Sign [LionMusic]
    Seether - Karma and Effect [Epic/USA]
    Sepultura - Live in San Paulo [2CD/Steamhammer]
    Seven - Break The Chains [Sweden/Loud N Proud Records]
    Seventh Angel - Goodbye EP
    Sex Department -  S/T [Perris/Glam/Sleaze]
    Sha-Boom - The Race Is On [Dag Finn/AOR[
    Shadowman - Land of The Living [Steve Overland/FM/Thunder]
    Shadowseeds - Dream of Lilith [1995/Dark Age Music]
    Shadow's Mignon - Midnight Sky Masquerade [Henning Pauly]
    Sharman.Dave - 1990 [Noise/WestGermanY/Rare guitarhero]
    Shining Star - Enter Eternity [Lance King vocals]
    Shotgun Messiah - Violent New Breed [1993]
    Shotgun Opera - Serial Obesssion [digi pack]
    Simon Chase- The Witch Doctor [Sphinx Ministry]
    Skate The Razer - Trance Factor [1994/producer Tony Bongiovi]
    Skull Branded Pirates - An Oath Sworn on Broken Bones [Running Wild]
    Skyclad - Live at the Dynamo [UK/Hardrock/]
    Slik Toxik - Doin The Nasty [Canada/Sleaze]
    Smeer - Loud and Clear [Lionmusic]
    Snakegod - Inuitation [MTM/German MHR]
    Snake Charmer - Smoke and Mirrors [Pete Sandberg/Alien]
    Snew - What's It To Ya [2012/digi/Alice Cooper/biker]
    Soleil Moon - On The Way To Everything [2012/Frontiers/AOR
    Southern Sons - Nothing But The Truth [BMG/Australia/AOR/]
    Spaced Out - S/T [Unicorn records/Canada/Prog]
    Spin Gallery - Standing Tall [AOR/Tommy Denander/Michael Thompson]
    Squealer - The Prophecy [AFM Records]
    Starr.Jack Guardians Of The Flame - Under a Savage Sky [Virgin Steele/Shmoulik Avigal/Rods]
    Steel Prophet - Book Of The Dead [Nuclear Blast/US Metal]
    Steel Prophet - Messiah [Nuclear Blast/US Heavy Metal]
    Stigma- Concerto For The Undead
    Starbreaker - Love's Dying Wish [Tony Harnell/TNT/Allen/Lande/Primal Fear]
    Stigmata - Hymn For an Unknown God [1996/Too damn hype]
    Stillborn - State Of Disconnection [Radium/Sweden/1992]
    Stratovarius - Nemesis [2013/digi/bonustracks]
    Streetheart - S/T [1989/Comp/unreleased/bestof]
    Storming Heaven - Life In Paradise [1996/MTM/melodic]
    Stormwind - Stargate [Talk Of The Town vocalist]
    Starz - Live in Action [Enigma/1989]
    Stange.Janine - One Way [1996/Rare/Female rock/AOR[
    Subztain - Conflict Solution [Sweden/meodic rock]
    Sudbury.Scott - Static On My Radio [Rare debut/Bryan Adams/Rick Springfield]
    Spiders & Snakes - Hollywood Ghosts [CD/DVD/ex.London/Glam/Sleaze]
    Spiro.Mark - King Of The Crowns [Giant/Bad English]
    Spiro.Mark - Care Of My Soul [Sunhill/bonustracks]
    Spiro.Mark - Care Of My Soul Vol 2 [2012/Sunhill]
    Stenberg.Tina - Still Pretty Nice [Tone Norum/Sweden]
    Stone Axe - S/T [2011/2DC/Ripple music]
    Stonecake - Under The Biketree [1991/Wire Records/Sweden]
    Story Of Jade - The Damned next Door [horror metal]
    Stranded - Long Way To Heaven [US AOR/Melodic hardrock]
    Styx - Crystal Ball [1976/A&M/1st press]
    Subztain - Conflict Solution [Sweden/Melodic rock]
    Summer.Henry Lee - Slamdunk [Epic/1992/AOR]
    Suncrown - Follow Your Dream [Symphonic/melodic concept/Great]
    Supreme Majesty - Divine Enigma [Loud N Proud/Sweden]
    Svarte Pan - Sov Gott [Ant Nest/Sweden]
    Sweet - I Grandi Del Rock [1993/Italy only release]
    Swirl 260 - California Blur [Atenzia/Sweden]
    Sha-Boom - Fiiire Best Of [AOR/DagFinn/Return]  $11
    Shout - In Your Face [1988/JAPan/OBI/Frontline/Funhouse] $49
    Shout - It Won't Be Long [1988/JAPan/OBI/Frontline/Funhouse] $49
    Silent Rage - Don't Touch Me There [1989/SimmonsRec/US]  $25
    Skin & Bones - Not A Pretty Sight [1990/Great Sleaze/Glam] $19
    Snakes In Paradise - S/T [1993/UndergroundRec/Sweden/Whitesnake] $15
    Snakes In Paradise - Dangerous Love [Swedish MHR/whitesnake] $15
    Spellbound - Rockin' Reckless [1985/Sonet/Sweden/HasseFroberg]  $19
    Spence.Brian - Reputation [1988/Polydor/Great!/AOR/Rare]  $12
    Spitfire - First Attack [1987/Rare/Minos/EMI]  $12
    Springfield.Rick - Success Hasn't [RCA/Germany/1982/rare 1st press/diff cover]  $19
    Stratovarius - Twilight Zone [rare 1st press/T&T]  $15
    Sword - Sweet Dreams [1988/Canada/Aquarius/Cap.] $19


    13 Stars - Way Dju [2013/]
    Taglieri.John - Leap Of Faith [A2Records/1998/UK]
    Takara - Eternal Faith [Jeff Scott Soto/talisman]
    Taraxacum - Rainmaker [MTM/2003/MHR]
    Tarot - Suffer Our Pleasures [Nightwish]
    Tamplin.Ken - Wake The Nations
    Tango Down - Damage Control [Kivel]
    The Big F - S/T [1989/Elektra]
    Ten - Babylon [Now&Then/Frontiers/2000]
    Ten - Far Beyond the World [Gary Hughes/Dare]
    Terra Nova - Escape [frontiers]
    Terrana.Mike - Shadows Of The Past [drummer-boy]
    Thick As Thieves - S/T [Magda/Canada]
    Tetrad - Teacher of Pain [Shakk Records/1996/rare]
    Texas Hippie Coalition - Peacemaker [2013/ZZ Top/Pantera]
    Thin Lizzy - Renegade/Nightlife 2 in 1 [Hi-end coll]
    Thorn Eleven - A Different View [Steamhammer/Promo]
    Thorn Eleven - Eleven [Steamhammer/full Promo]
    Thorogood.George Destroyers - The Hard Stuff [Eagle Records]
    Three Lions - S/T [AOR/FM/UK/Dare/2014]
    Timescape - Two Worlds [Record Heaven/Sweden/1997]
    Timesworld - Chains Of Sin [Melodic hardrock/7hard]
    Token - Tomorrowland [denander/sweden]
    Tomorrow's Child - S/T [1992/Rare/Melodic hardrock]
    Torman Maxt - The Foolishness Of God [CCM/Mars Hill Rec]
    Torch - Fireraiser [1982/Enigma/1stpress/original]
    Torok - Binge and Purge [Indie]
    Toyz - House Of Cards [Escape Music/TNT]
    TracerX - Tracing The Heavens [Rare/U.S. MHR/AOR]
    Trapeze - Medusa [1970/Threshold/Glenn Hughes/Galley]
    Trauma - Archetype Of Chaos [Promo/Metal/Thrash]
    Travers.Pat - Crash and Burn [1980]
    Treason - Code oF Silence [
    Truth of Fiction - S/T [Lionmusic]
    Tungsten - 74 LXXIV [1994/Megarock Records/Sweden]
    Twin Age - Moving The Deckchairs [1999/SwedenRock/Prog-Rock]
    Twinball - Remnants of a Broken Soul [RecordHeaven/great 70'srock]
    Twist Of Fate - New Skies [1998/Indie]
    Twisted Sister - Club Daze Vol 1 [2011 reissue]
    Talisman - S/T [1990/Empire/Sweden/JeffScottSoto]  $12
    Talisman - Humanimal [Empire Records/Sweden]  $12
    Tall Stories - S/T [1991/Epic/Tyketto/AOR] $10
    Tigertailz - Original Sin [Rare songs/Poison] $11
    Tigertailz - Bezerk 2.0. [UK glam-sters]  $15
    Tindrum - Cool, Calm & Collected [JAPan/OBI/Zero 1992] $39
    Total Eclipse - S/T [1992/Tabu Records]  $39


    UFO - Sharks [Steamhammer/Schenker again!]
    Under Radio - Bad Heir Ways [Lionmusic]
    Under Suspicion - Under Suspicion [Frontiers]
    Ungreatful,The - New blood [Megarock/1994]
    Unit - Dreamdance [Loud N Proud/Sweden/1997]


    V/A - A Tribute To Jason Becker 2CD
    V/A - KISS Covered In Scandinavia 2-CD [PinkHoney/Sweden]
    V/A - Metal Christmas [FM/Paul Dianno/Girlshool/etc]
    V/A - The Future Of Metal Is Now [2CD/Steamhammer/1989/RARE/]
    V/A - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Vandenplas - The God Thing [Germany/Melodic hardrock]
    Vaduz - Better Days [Firehouse/Warrant/Great MHR]
    Vagh - Into The Future Zone [ex-Pole Position/Sweden/AOR/Rare]
    Van Oosten - Seasons of The World [Canada/Rasong Rec/MHR/AOR]
    Velocity - Activator [Rare/MHR/]
    Velvet Dreams - S/T [Vinny Records]
    Veni Domine - IIII [Doom/Prog]
    Verbal Deception - Aurum Aetus Piraticus [Indie/Pirate/RunningWild]
    Verheyen.Carl Band - Six [Mascot Music]
    Viking Skull - Chapter One [Grand Recordings]
    Vilianen.Elias - Taking The Lead [Giotarhero/Lionmusic]
    Village Of Dead Roads - Desolution Will Destroy You [Meteorcity]
    Vincent.Phil - Controlled Insanity [Melodic hardrock/cult]
    Vision - The Best Of [mattsson/Lionmusic]
    Visionary - Strange But Familiar Shores [Nightmare records]
    Vivid - Driven [VIVCD/1995/Indie]
    Voice - Soulhunter [AFM Records]
    Von Groove - 3 Faces Past [Canadian AOR/Z Records]


    War Babies - S/T [1991/Ulftone/3 bonustracks]
    Warmen - Beyond Abilities [melodic/including:Alone/Heart]
    Wayne - Metal Church [Metal Church/S/S]
    Westworld - Cyberdreams [TNT/Tony Harnell]
    Whimsy - Gambling With The Future [1993/Bums Records/Rare]
    Whipped Cream - Horse Mountain [1994/Sweden]
    White Heart - Redemption [Curb/AOR/CCM]
    White Skull - The XIII Skull [Frontiers/2004]
    Wig Wam - Hard To Be A Rock N Roller... in Kiev [TNT/Norway/AOR]
    Winger.Kip - Made By Hand [Winger/Alice Cooper]
    Wildhearts - Must Be Destoyed [Gut Records]
    Winterlong - The Second coming [melodic hardrock/Sweden]
    Winter Parade - Midnight In Paradise [AOR/Return/Norway/MTM]
    Wisdom Call - S/T [Christian Liljegren/Sweden]
    Wiz - Shattered Mind Theraphy [Arise Records]
    Wolf.Don - Making Changes [White Wolf vocalist]
    Wrathchild America - Climbin The Walls [1989/Atlantic]
    Walker.Brett - Nevertheless [Empire/1994/Sweden/Great] $12
    WASP - Best Ballads [Rare/17 tracks/Russia only]  $29


    Xanadu - The Last Sunrise [2012/
    Xcarnation - Grounded [Kip Winger/Cenk Eroglu]
    XSavior - Caleidoscope [Goran Edman/Yngwie/Madison/Glory]
    X-Seed - Desolation [Bleeding Hearts/1995]
    X-Sinner - Angry Einsteins Cracked
    X-Union - Dash [MMRecords/sweden]
    XfactorX - XfactorX [1997/Klytus Records]  $15
    Y - Rawchild [IRS/Tony Reno/Europe/1992]
    Y&T - Live at The Mystic [2CD/Frontiers/2013]
    Zak Daniels & The One Eyed Snakes [Rare/BigWater Rec/U.S. MHR/Sleaze]
    Zebra - IV [Frontiers/Rush/Melodic/Canada]
    Zero Hour - Metamorphosis [Sensory9
    Zed Yago - From Over Yonder [1988/Steamhammer/original]  $12

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    or via @urban
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